Paul’s Traditional Taverna Parthenon

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We welcome you to the Paul’s traditional taverna in the majestic village of Parthenonas in Sithonia Chalkidiki. Paul’s taverna has been reflecting the philospphy of Greek hospitality and good food since 1978. Now the second generation continues the same tradition and contineously enriches the good homecooking with new creative ideas. You will taste local meats, …

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Taverna «To Steki tou Meniou»

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Walk through the old town and enjoy a coffee, lunch, wine and appetizers in the beautiful natural surroundings of Parthenonas. The Taverna «To Steki tou Meniou» at the lower entrance operates all the summer times and all witnter weekends and holidays. In a beautiful location with a great view of the bay of Sithonia with …

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