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We would like to give you a warm welcome at “Horostasi”, our traditional Guest House, at Parthenonas Halkidiki (Sithonia) and give you the chance through this electronic journey to meet a part of the Greek hospitality (philoxenia) from Parthenonas-Halkidiki. This newly built guest house is a dream that came true in April of 2008, because of the Mallinis’ family passion for the creation of a place, similar of which, there is not around the area of Parthenonas.

We believe we have created a hospitable and comfortable place for our visitors, that can combine the famous Greek hospitality and environment, with small touches of the modern present.

Our guest house consists of four small, individual apartments (3 double bedrooms, and one with the possibility of hosting up to four people), where each one of them has its own unique style, and local name. (Itamos, Parthenonas, Kelyfos, Dragoudelis). Two out of our four apartments have a fireplace built from the beautiful local stone of Mt. Dragoudelis, while all four of them have comfortable double beds, a kitchenette, individual bathroom, air-condition (and radiators), LCD TV screen, refrigerator, as well as wireless internet connection (2mbps). Our kitchenettes also include a coffee maker, and a water boiler, as well as material to make your favourite beverage. Breakfast is being served either inside the apartments, the appartment’s individual balcony that offers a magical view of Toroneos Gulf, or in one of the two open-air areas of “Horostasi”.

One of the main reasons for the creation of this traditional guest house, is because we wanted to offer to the visitor of Parthenonas and Halkidiki in general, a different “touch” of philoxenia. A “touch” that offers the warm hospitality of a Greek family.

Our goal is the absolute relaxation and satisfaction of our visitor, who should anticipate a hospitality, whose quality of services will exceed his/her expectations, while at the same time they will be looking forward to the next visit.

Stelios and Tania Mallini will always be around with a big smile, available to help you and also treat you a glass of our own production “tsipouro” !

Our satisfaction will be your smile…

We hope that you will enjoy your small “trip” on our electronic site and that you will be able to get a small taste of our guest house, as well as of the amazingly beautiful landscape of Parthenonas and the surrounding areas of Sithonia-Halkidiki.

Phone: +30  2375072890
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