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Our Parthenon in Parthenónas is certainly no legendary temple.  Parthenon is a guesthouse, a pension and a boutique hotel all at the same time.  We chose these three terms in order to make clear that this residence is both individually furnished and provides a personal service.

We, Antonia Karali und Tassos Tsiapkinis,were born in Greece.  We studied and married in Germany.  Together with out two children, Danai and Iasson, we have lived and worked in Berlin and Parthenónas for three decades.  For more than 25 years, we have run the Greek restaurant ‘Medusa’ in an industrial period house dating from 1892 in the peaceful Friedenau district of Berlin.
When the deserted mountain village of Parthenónas was ‘rediscovered’ at the end of the 1970s, the preserved architectural unity and the austere rural charm made the married couple Evangelia and Dimitris Tsiapkinis also want to do something to save an estate from further dilapidation. In the following years, together with their son Anastassios, a qualified civil engineer, they carefully restored the scattered houses situated on the slopes. Little by little a guesthouse came into being with its gardens, terraces and stairways, and with its interior décor a harmony of traditional and modern.

In several two-storey stone-built houses, surrounded by oleander, grape vines, fig and  mulberry trees, 18 individual double rooms, furnished with many antiques, are available for guests.  Naturally, all the rooms also have a bath, a shower and a toilet.  Kitchenettes with electric cookers, refrigerators, coffee machines and crockery complement the facilities.  As our Parthenon is open all year round, all rooms are equipped with central heating. For cooler days, duvets are amply provided.

Our guests take their substantial breakfast on the vine-covered terrace with its view of the Bay of Néos Marmaras and the Cassandra Peninsula and, in good weather, with a view of Mount Olympus.

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Posted: 02/02/2013

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