Parthenonas activities and recreation

Parthenonas activities  and recreation

You can go swimming almost anywhere along the approximately 50 kilometre south-west coast.  What is decisive is what you are looking for.  On the beaches between Nikiti und Néos Marmaras the guests enjoy themselves mainly on those of the local hotels.  Between the eastern end of this area and the Pórto Carrás hotel complex, Néos Marmaras has a long, lively, sandy beach complete with the requisite beach bars.

Immediately after entering Pórto Carrás, below and not far from Parthenónas, a narrow asphalt road, which soon changes into a (drivable) gravel road, branches off from the well-constructed Sithonia ring road in the direction of the coast.  The gravel road is 20 kilometres long and, apart from small detours via Arétes and Tristinika, runs along by the sea and presents you with fairly modest, unused and, now and again, lonely beaches.  The area undoubtedly belongs to the most beautiful that the peninsula has to offer:  romantic bays, idyllic lagoons, sandy headlands, small beaches with the clear turquoise-green water of the Aegean Sea.

Whoever comes to Parthenónas in spring or autumn likes to experience the landscape, above all, on foot. A hiking guide to Chalkidiki has been published, in which six hikes on the Sithonia Peninsula are described, one of which climbs upwards from Néos Marmaras through olive groves and woods to Parthenónas.

On Sithonia, you have the impression that real cyclists are actually escaping from the sterility of constructed European cycle paths. There is no bicycle tourism here. Here you cycle simply and easily and delight in the all-conquering idyllic landscape. Naturally the gravel roads of Sithonia hardly allow for a city bike. Whoever cycles here wants, first and foremost, to have fun, to keep themselves fit and to do something for their stamina and musculature. You see trekking bikes, particularly mountain bikes, which, with their wide and thickly-treaded tyres, grip well on the occasionally heavy gravel surface.
It is not absolutely necessary to bring your own bike to Parthenónas.  In Néos Marmaras there are adequate possibilities to hire trekking and mountain bikes.

North Greece’s single golf course is situated only a few kilometers from Parthenónas. The 18-hole course is playable the whole year round and pleasant conditions prevail particularly in spring and autumn.  The often extremely dog-eared fairways, dotted with olive trees, challenge golfers of all playing strengths.  Marvellous views of the mountains and the sur-rounding landscape are possible from the tees of the 5th and 6th holes. The Pro-Shop is well equipped and hires out sets of golf clubs, trolleys and electric carts.